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Every year thousands of new participants
join the ranks of those who are passionate
for the most ancient of indigenous games.

It is lacrosse, a special game – unique to
the world - as it really is the only existing
“team” game on the planet that is spiritual
in nature. You feel that magical difference
immediately when you pick up a stick
for the first time.




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“Lacrosse – The Ancient Game” is divided into three sections. In Section I. – The Words of a Cayuga Faithkeeper - Dao Jao Dre explains the significance of the game within the traditional culture of the Cayuga nation. We all share that sense of the special nature of the Creator’s Game that we can’t quite put our finger on. Dao Jao Dre tells us just what that is.

Section II. explores the growth and change of the game after European contact. Most significant events happened in the area of the lower St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario including Michigan to the West and Vermont to the East.The Finger Lakes in Upstate New York, and Ontario to Quebec in Canada form “the Cradle of Lacrosse”. No other geographical location would serve as the primary launch pad for the earliest University and Club teams. Lacrosse would become a formalized sport in the early 1860’s through rules provided by Montreal dentist and “Father of Lacrosse” Dr. George Beers, and spread to the US through his US equivalent - John Flannery.

The Final Section, Section III. – The Stickmaker – explores the holistic relationship between the great craftsman of the game – the stickmaker , the player who uses the end product, and the ritualistic process that existed and barely exists today.

The Iroquois maintain that we are all related. The game in many ways ties together the various peoples who traded with each other, fought with and against one another, and worked together to form the new world. It survived the unrest and turmoil of nation-building and reminds us of our shared past. It is the Creators Game and it is Lacrosse – the Ancient Game.

Jim Calder, Publisher





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