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The Creator's Game

Watch the video of Cayuga Faith Keeper Dao Jao Dre, (Delmor Jacobs
illustrated right), describing the origin of Lacrosse - the Creator's Game.
Discover how the sky woman fell to Earth, the creation of Turtle Island,
(North America), ..."old broken nose" ...and how lacrosse came to be !


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Illustration by David Craig.           



 Illustrations by David Craig.




Jesuit Priest Brebeuf is curious and appalled in witnessing his first game in 1637.


Lacrosse is used as a "Trojan Horse" in the capture of Fort Michilimackinac in 1763.

  Dr. George Beers, the Montreal Dentist and "Father of Lacrosse", launches a national Canadian league and provides a set of rules in 1867.   Queen Victoria sees the final of three major European tours featuring the Caughnawaga Mohawks and the Montreal Lacrosse Club in 1883.  


Canadian Museum of Civilization Artifacts, Ottawa


Dr. George Beers book "Lacrosse - The National Game of Canada" published in 1869.


The cover of the first lacrosse book.


Ancient sticks and atifacts in the archives of the "Canadian Museum of Civilization" in Ottawa.


Wooden lacrosse ball painted blue and gold.


Deerskin lacrosse ball dyed red.


Wooden jig used in the bending of steamed wood to form the stick shape.

Photographs courtesy of the Canadian Museum of Civilization Artifacts, Ottawa.

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