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Recreated Game - Sat., Sept. 6 1 pm - Huronia Museum in Midland, Ontario

Delmor Jacobs will run a demonstration of how the Creator's Game is played as a Medicine Game. This will be similar to the event held at the Canadian War Museum in 2012 in Ottawa. The Agenda includes the game, skills instruction, and lecture and the price is Free! See you there!

Participants will use traditional equipment and will wear traditional clothing. The event will be narrated in English with some Haudenosaunee. The presentation will communicate the ritual and culture surrounding the game of lacrosse. The outdoor presentation will be approximately 45 minutes, followed by an indoor history and culture lecture at the Huronia Museum. A skills session is provided to newcomers! Four (4) Warriors will circulate through the crowd for pictures and questions on the history of the game.


On The Road...

The last six weeks have seen a whirlwind of travel for LTAG including Denver, Boston, Whitby, Ontario and Lake Placid. It is always a pleasure to meet Lax People and talk history. On more than one occasion I saw people for the second time at another location - we are truly nomadic!

In Denver, the FIL distributed copies of the book to all member countries to help spread the history of the game!

A contribution was made to Latvian Lacrosse based on the proceeds from sales of the book.

Latvian Coach Paul Kalnins and two players at the Worlds.


NEW - History of the Game On-line Course, through Durham College

Currently I am preparing the first ever On-Line Course for the History of the Game at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario. I will include video interviews with many of the native and non-native personalities in the game. The course begins in January, 2015.  If you are interested in more information please email me at: info@lacrossetheancientgame.com.



Haudenosaunee Wooden Stick Festival

Make sure you attend the Second Annual Haudenosaunee Wooden Stick Festival at the Lake in Syracuse, September 27-28. For more information visit www.facebook.com/woodenstickfest.





Meeting Interesting People Along The Way...

I have met some great people in recent travels. Make sure you visit these websites:

Andrew, Joel, (me) and Kyle of Traditional Lacrosse. - www.traditionallacrosse.com.

Mike Call - Sculptor Extraordinaire!  - www.mikecallfineart.com.

Seth Berger - www.eastcoastlacrosse.com.



New Retailers

LTAG is pleased to welcome Hogtown Lacrosse and Lax.com to its growing list of retailers.

We are pleased to announce you can now get "Lacrosse - The Ancient Game" at Lacrosse Unlimited and Total Lacrosse Stores.
Please visit our Buy The Book page and look under Retail Outlets for their website links.

June 6, 2014


Team Latvia

L-TAG is pleased to support the efforts of the Latvian Men's Lacrosse Team. They have been met with a financial challenge in attending the
2014 World Championships. L-TAG will donate a portion of all proceeds from sales at the World Championships to Team Latvia.
Stop by and say hello at the Games!


New Posters Available !

Two of your favorite images from the book - now in poster format! Email - info@lacrossetheancientgame.com for more information.

New Posters Available



 Thorncliffe Park Public School

Appearances and Book Signings

July 15-19 - FIL Lacrosse Men's World Championships

Denver, Colorado
Meet the Author at the LTAG Booth for sales of Books, Prints and Posters.


May 25, 2014 - USLIA Northwestern Mutual Client Day

Johns Hopkins University
Presentation of History and Culture of the Game.






L-TAG Merchandise Now Available

Show your love of the history of the game! L*TAG Merchandise available through Blue Bison Sports. Great gift ideas for all lacrosse fans !


Women's Lacrosse Posters

If you are interested in purchasing the Women's Field Lacrosse Posters please e-mail us at:
info@lacrossetheancientgame.com for more information.



Keepers of Lacrosse

Every year thousands of new participants join the ranks of those who are passionate for the most ancient of indigenous games. It is lacrosse, a special game – unique to the world - as it really is the only existing “team” game on the planet that is spiritual in nature. You feel that magical difference immediately when you pick up a stick for the first time.

The Iroquois maintain that we are all related. The game in many ways ties together the various peoples who traded with each other, fought with and against one another, and worked together to form the new world. It survived the unrest and turmoil of nation-building and reminds us of our shared past. It is the Creators Game and it is Lacrosse – the Ancient Game.

Watch a video on the Creation Myth of Lacrosse





Brett Bucktooth – Iroquois Nationals

"For me this game is a gift from our Creator. It's a connection we share with our ancestors. From the wooden stick that's carved from a tree, to the animal hide that's used for the netting, it's a connection with everything around us. With each stick handed down, its a part of our heritage and culture being passed on as well."




Gary Gait – Team Canada, Syracuse University

"While the rules, techniques, equipment and intent of the game have changed significantly since it moved beyond Native American culture, what remains the same at the core of the game — and what makes lacrosse so great — is the exhibition of speed, skill and intelligence demonstrated by the players on the field.This book is a must-have for the true lacrosse enthusiast who wants to understand the history of the game and its incredible origins."



Paul Rabil – Team USA

"The game of lacrosse has given me so much opportunity in my life. I've been given the opportunity to earn a college degree from Johns Hopkins, play professional lacrosse year-round, as well as travel the world from Hawaii, to Italy and England. Among many reasons, lacrosse is my life, and I respect the game tremendously."

Jim Veltman – Team Canada

"When I first heard about this book and its content, I was intrigued. When the book was described to me, I was excited. Now that it is finally published, I am thrilled."


We would like to thank the Canadian Lacrosse Foundation who supported this endeavour through a project that saw the charitable donation of copies of the book to libraries across Canada.


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